Realise the Potential of Search Engine Optimisation

Too many companies ignore search engine optimisation thinking that just by having a website they will miraculously appear on the front page of Search Engines. This of course is never going to happen. Many companies employ people to create deep linking strategies, whilst this can help, you could also be penalised if the sites are not relevant to your content.


Having your website Optimised for Search Engines can significantly increase profitability of your business. If you want to appear on the front page of google for example you will have to pay a fortune in Adwords just for your company to appear, by having tour website optimised you can reduce this cost to virtually zero as you site will appear in the FREE listings.


Search Engine Optimisation is a No Brainer for anyone serious about business.

Service Search Engine Optimisation


Many companies offer you guarantees about getting you to the top 10 of search engines, but in their small print they fulfill their obligation if the hit front page on one of the many they list. Most of these schemes are only offering submitting your site to search engines and getting you thousands of irrelevant links.

I only make changes to your actual website, after all this is what the search engines look at. I am able to offer you an analysis of your website which you can hand back to your developers for integration or where possible I can implement the changes (certain ecommerce platforms are locked down). Once you have had the changes implemented I will then carry out a full review to make sure the changes are in correctly.

Single Page analysis

Select one page of your website for a comprehensive analysis of the content and coding. The report will be presented back with suggestions for further improvement. Some will be site wide suggestions. This can then be given back to your developers for implementation.


Just £350 (normally £475.)

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Comprehensive Site Analysis

Get a comprehensive report on your website's search engine optimisation, track that coding meets all best practice guidelines, content is correct and find out more about getting your site to the top of search engines.


Ideal for larger companies who need a full site analysis.


Contact me for a full quote.


Get your website analysed, fed up with bad positioning on google? find out why.


Get optimised with page by page optimisation to get you better results.


Search engine optimisation realise the potential of the internet with a comprehensive service.