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Are you getting the most from your web site?
Sales not quite what you expect?
Looking to go to the next Level?
Getting lost in what people are telling you?
Need down to earth easy to understand advice?
Does your site appear on search engines?
Getting the clicks and not converting?
Are you getting value for money from your SEO company?

If you can not answer all of the above with confidence
you need my help.

Services for Search Engine Optimisation & Website Usability


Search engine optimisation is not just about getting your site indexed, you have to get what happens next right. My search engine optimisation also covers your website's usability once you have gained a customer.


Get your website analysed, fed up with bad positioning on google? find out why.


Get optimised with page by page optimisation to get you better results.


Search engine optimisation realise the potential of the internet with a comprehensive service.