SEO Code Review

Many website designers are fantastic at building you a good looking site but are less clued up on what it takes to Optimise a website for search engine results.

Search Engine optimisation of the code behind your website is probably the single most important aspect of any website, without good code and use of the best practice coding guidelines you will be sending a search engine to a site with nothing to say.

SEO Code review


Get a comprehensive report on the coding of your website. I will report on what essential elements have been missed out. Recently I reviews a website that had absolutely no code for search engine optimisation despite the client having paid Extra on the cost of the project for it to be implemented. My nominal fee received the client over three thousand in compensation.



Buy now for a code report. This review covers your front page, category page and product page.


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SEO Code report.


Get your website analysed, fed up with bad positioning on google? find out why.


Get optimised with page by page optimisation to get you better results.


Search engine optimisation realise the potential of the internet with a comprehensive service.